Blogger needs to consider audience.

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On the Entertainment Weekly website fans of entertainment shows, movie, and books can check out this website for TV recaps, and reviews among other things.

On the TV portion of the website there are many categories, and among those categories there is the TV watch category. The TV watch provides recaps for all current shows on television. For example as of right now dancing with the Stars, 24, and Glee are among the shows that bloggers will provide recaps for. The recaps provide all the fans a summarized version of what happened in the night be fore’s episode in case they missed the episode or at least part of that episode. In the case of the Desperate Housewives blogger’s recap rather than recapping the episode it seems as more of a way for Tanner Stransky to address how much he truly dislikes the show that all the fans that visit the blog post enjoy.

For example on the April 18, 2010 episode “Killing me Softly” when the blogger Tanner Stransky stated off the bat what he disliked about the episode.

“Yup, the once-hot Desperate Housewives just landed its own serial killer storyline. Wah-wah…”

This is clear from the start that Tanner believes the show he recaps is was “once-hot” there for meaning not so much anymore.,,20361950,00.html (This is the the complete recap)

The writer Tanner Stransky has written 963 blog posts for the EW website, and could be seen as an authority for having written so many blog posts. Even with this said it is seen as not only unfair to the fans of the show that generates over 10 million people a week, but to also the fans that read the blog recaps that Tanner has communicated to the fans a large amount of dislike in the show that he recaps week after week. In the examples above Tanner is shown both starting, and or ending his statement with something negative about the show rather than positive.

Fans of the show seemed to have picked up to this idea, and decided to comment under Tanner’s post on how they truly feel about him as a blogger. For example,


  1. Jeff Mon 4/19/10 01:30 AM

Why don’t we have a reccaper that actually likes the show??? Why is it necessary to bash the show the whole time?

This comment posted by Jeff proves the idea that not only does one person feel that Tanner dislikes the show, but  also at least 13 other people who commented directly under Jeff’s statement feel the same way. The EW website should stick to the way they have done it in the past, and present with the other bloggers stressing at one point or another that they genuinely like the show that is being discussed or at least some of the episodes of that particular show.

There is another example of this idea on the March 14th episode, “Time to Share” when Tanner started off the recap stating this, “But, as has been the case with the show lately, we really got bupkis. Zilch. A whole lot of nothing. This was one trip to NYC that was rather pointless.”,,20351582,00.html (This is the complete recap)

With tanner stating, “but, as has been the case with the show lately, we really got bupkis,” I as a fan of the show felt a lot different, and while the trip to New York may have seen “pointless” to Tanner a lot of the fans seemed to think otherwise. For example,


  1. 1. tg   Mon 3/15/10 10:56 AM

I agree that the recapper just simply hates this show. I’m not saying it’s the best thing on TV….but it’s far from the worst.

This is yet another fan that agrees that the EW would be better off if they picked a new recapper, because even the fans as stated above that are not the biggest fans of the show believe that the Desperate Housewives recap is in need of a more positive blogger.

A show that seems to get the complete opposite of recaps is Modern Family. The blogger for that particular show is Ken Tucker.

An example of Ken Tuckers statements for his recap for the April 14th episode “Has your significant other ever embarrassed you in a social setting,” is below.

““Typically terrific Modern Family last night, but the scenes in which Mitchell tried to impress a possible new boss (all praise to Justin Kirk), were almost too good — awfully squirm-inducing.” (This is the complete recap)

This shows the significant difference between Ken, and Tanner’s recaps. While Tanner states “the once hot Desperate Housewives” in the beginning of his recap Ken states the opposite in saying “typically terrific Modern Family” this shows the large significantly different blogger’s in how they recap their shows. In having a positive recap Ken receives the same amount of positivity from other fans of the show. For example,


  • jmo

Thu 04/15/10 11:53 AM

I love the show and could’ve watched a whole 1/2 hour of just Cam and Mitchell at the dinner party. Uncomfortable but brilliant comedy. Cam’s the man.

In order to keep the 197 people or more commenting, and reading the Desperate Housewives recaps Tanner should probably take a hint from Ken, and make sure that at least half of the blogs posted are somewhat positive otherwise the fans will lose interest in this blog and could even decide to make their own.


Is your energy boost lacking?

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More and more the pace of our everyday lives is speeding up, whether on the job or at play, and the traditional methods of keeping the pace are being challenged by a new breed of assistance: energy drinks. Many of the popular varieties achieve this task of fueling the tired masses by pumping large amounts of caffeine and sugar into the user, but one brand that stands aside from the other energy substances, including such older “models” as coffee, is 5-Hour Energy Shot.

Coffee has been one of the most common manners to find energy and stay awake until recently, and although it still retains a large population of consumers, the new varieties of energy substance are finding themselves enjoyed in growing numbers.

One aspect that allows 5-Hour Energy to separate itself from the rest of the competition is its unique form.

When comparing the various products, it becomes apparent how large an impact size can have when bustling about through the busy day, and this can be seen throughout life. Size matters!

Differing from the above examples, 5-Hour Energy Shot is small, sleek, lightweight:

It does not require refrigeration and can be resealed if you do not need a whole five hour boost. Also, one of the most convenient aspects of 5-Hour is you can take virtually anywhere you go. That can’t be said for coffee or the numerous brands of energy drinks like those above.

Another characteristic freeing 5-Hour Energy from the rest of the pack is again, its size. The consumer, whether in the office, exercising or out at play, does not want to have to worry about time consuming and bothersome bathroom breaks, for example. This complication can be equally common with the other brands of regular can-size energy drinks. Once the infamously inevitable “crash” hits, as noted throughout 5 Hour’s advertisements, what can the individual do but go back for another cup or can when more work needs to be done?

Here is the beauty of 5-Hour Energy Shot: it is only 2 ounces and lasts 5 hours. Therefore, the consumer will know what he or she needs and how long it will last. No longer will the user have the worry of crashing before the job is done or being “hopped” up on caffeine when turning out the light for the night with, for example, the big presentation needing to be aced the following day.

Along with size, another winning characteristic of 5-Hour Energy Shot when compared with the competition is its low calorie content and it containing zero sugar. With weight problem being an ever growing problem worldwide and largely increasing in the United States, this aspect could not be welcomed better. The other brands of energy drink are filled with gobs of sugar and caffeine, amid other negative components, as seen below.

Extra Strength
Energy Drink
Serving Size 2oz 2oz 2oz 8oz
Calories 4 4 4 100
Sugar 0 0 0 27g
Carbohydrates 0 0 0 27g
Sodium 18mg 18mg 18mg 180mg
Niacin (Vitamin B3) 30mg 40mg 0mg 20mg
Vitamin B6 40mg 40mg 40mg 2mg
Folic Acid (Vitamin B9) 400mcg 400mcg 400mcg 0mg
Vitamin B12 500mcg 500mcg 500mcg 6mcg
Energy Blend 1870mg 2000mg 2106mg 2500mg*
Herbal Stimulants No No No Yes
Caffeine Yes Yes Yes Yes

Here is one of the more common commercials promoting 5-Hour Energy Shot in comparison to its contemporaries:

This advertisement, along with many others, shows a before and after depiction of what consuming regular energy drinks can do. The can may look flashy, it may be cheap, and may taste like candy but the consequences speak for themselves. The calories, sugar, and sodium among other unwanted additives does not belong in a consumer’s everyday diet.

To the left is one of the prime examples of 5 Hour consumers who, with the help of the “shot,”     have gone onto to praise 5 Hour for its high quality and reliability. This can’t be said for the individual found in the 5-Hour advertisement above.

Here is one of the varieties offered to consumers. The original 5-Hour Energy.

Aside from the obvious point seen in the name 5-Hour Energy, which allows the buyer to see what he or she is getting into, the bottle display also shows many of the other characteristics, some of which were discussed above.

The image shown on the bottle gives off a solid representation of what 5-Hour is:

The colors on the upper portion of the bottle are commonly associated with what many users will do after taking this energy source: have energy! Red and yellow have that “fire” representation and the bottle also states that the consumer will “feel it in minutes,” so the much needed rush will not delay in putting you in a similar situation as the silhouette seen on the bottle portraying an individual running up a cliff amid a scene resembling a sun setting on a rough sea, which after consuming this energy boost can be conquered!

Imagery is half the battle in attracting the buyer’s eye, and the color usage and the illustrations depicted will not impede a curious glance from a potential buyer. This aspect put alongside the other positives of 5-Hour Energy allows this product to raise the bar and stand apart from competition.

Disney: Image of an empire.

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Disney has been for decades a symbol of awe inspiring excitement and entertainment for youth and old alike. What began with a handful of innovative minds now stands as a leviathan of media and entertainment productions.

With the birth of the Disney Brothers Productions in the first half of the 20th century, the two Disney brothers, Walt and Roy, went on to brighten the lives of many, first through the animation industry and later continued their legacy in the well known resorts and amusement parks enjoyed by the populous today.

Although Disney holds many identifying symbols, the one that seems to hold the attention of all is Mickey Mouse, arguably the insignia of the Disney Corporation.

Mickey has led the early fame of Disney and now can be found “live” throughout their resorts worldwide, continuing his legendary reputation.

Through the Disney climb to fame, their productions were always known to be fun for all: adults, children and the families found within the two.

In the second half of the 20th century, the Mickey Mouse Club was established as a variety show with an ever changing cast of young and talented teenagers. This was one of the major directions the corporation had towards a different form of entertainment.

Recently it can be noted that Disney has begun to find success in a similar form of entertainment as was seen in the Mickey Mouse Club. Although still focusing much of their production on cartoons and animation, their biggest audience seems to be found glued to shows such as Hannah Montana, stage name of actor and entertainer Miley Cyrus, shown below.

Seen through this change towards the new trend found in Disney, the display is entirely different. Instead of aspiring to one day visit Disneyland and get that picture with Mickey, the audience of the Disney corporation is idolizing Hannah and such performers as the Jonas Brothers, depicted below.

The two previous images are what many children now worship. They have become not only popular stage acts, but also sex symbols of gigantic proportions influencing the youthful minds of the audience who mimic them. Other forms of media have risen from this trend and Miley now has a clothing line so all her young fans can dress like her and continue to aspire towards that  image.

Backlash to this new wave of entertainment have been seen, for example, in the controversial television show South Park, and also with many troubled parents worrying of the innocence of their offspring, but examples such as this do not seem to be impeding the rapid growth of some of the new Disney cult sensations listed above.

An episode was aired depicting the Disney empire in a very unenthusiastic way. The source of this new trend being none other than Mickey Mouse who was shown to be the ringleader and tyrant of this new format of entertainment for children and puppet master of such acts as the Jonas Brothers. Below, Mickey is breathing fire upon a fleeing crowd of Jonas fans.

Fictional? Yes. But how has the image of the famous mouse altered to this extent, although merely a satiric poke at the huge success of Disney?

Although it took years, how did this image change so drastically from the lovable Mickey?

Obviously it is the disgust felt by observers of this drastic change in child entertainment, but how can one representing joy, happiness, and all the other aspects of childhood be portrayed in such a light?

Although Mickey is still loved by many, he is no longer the immediate response regarding who is the iconic symbol of Disney, at least for the new youth generation of the Disney audience. Times are always changing, and each day sex appeal becomes the most desired form of representation to grab viewers attention. Although the use of icons such as Mickey can still be seen throughout advertising, the use of real flesh and blood seems to be the easiest manner of attracting the attention of viewers. One glance through magezines and the like can prove this. This change towards superficiality is inevitable. Icons like Mickey will always remain, whether in person at resorts such as Disneyland or remembered when wearing a stylish pair of Mickey ears, but these characters will continue to step aside for the new class of idols: acts like Miley and her contemporaries.


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Winter is a beautiful time of year, and especially appreciated because of the holidays. Unfortunately, in America people usually stereotype these holidays into one, Christmas. Because of this, virgin mobile coined the phrase ‘Chrismahanukwanzakah’ which has become surprisingly well known.

Below is the definition of Chrismahanukwanzakah, according to

Although Urban Dictionary is nothing like Webster, it does hold most Urban slang/pop culture words and their definition. Regardless, Chrismahanukwanzakah is recognized as somewhat of a real word. You can also find it online in the “Wiktionary.”

In 2005, according to the The Jewish People Policy Planning Institute, there were around 5,280,000 Jews living in America. Of those 5 million or so, 29% attend Jewish day school. So you can see although not all, there are still many who faithfully practice their Jewish religion. So by the combination of all these religious holidays, do you think that percent of the population feels justified? Or do you think they feel even more animosity towards the Christmas holiday?

Virgin Mobile is owned and operated by Richard Branson, obviously an intelligent man when it comes to marketing. In their short commercial which is supposed to send a message of holiday cheer, there is a variety of different people in the scene. There are two either Jewish or Amish men sitting at the piano, a Caveman, an Angel, and Indian man, and so on. The idea behind this was they wanted their commercial to include a diverse set of people, almost as if implying that Virgin Mobile customers are a diverse type of people. Having all these different people on the commercial all saying something regarding to ‘Chrismahanukwanzakah’ should give the viewers the feeling that they all accept and like the phrase, and that they approve of Virgin Mobile. But, pay attention carefully to the video, do you believe they were trying to include the other religions or more or less mock them? All of the people in the video look somewhat ridiculous and their costumes are over-exaggerated. Angels are a symbol in Christianity and having the angel present in the video may give it more of a classic Christmas feel, which is opposite of what they should be doing. The caveman also symbolizes somewhat of a savage and less intelligent human being, which shouldn’t be in a commercial “supporting” more than one religion, it gives it a more casual feel indicating the carelessness of the screenwriters towards any of the religions.

An article on Cellular-News called ‘Virgin Mobile Tops US Customer Satisfaction Ranking – Again’ has different statistics about the company and how they have been doing over the past few years. In the third paragraph of the article it says “ Overall satisfaction improves by 10 index points since 2006 to 727 on a 1,000-point scale.” I believe the commercial came out sometime between 2005 and 2007, according to the quote this means after the commercial their satisfaction of customers increased. So, someone must have liked the commercial, most likely people strongly faithful to the Christian religion.

When I first witnessed this commercial I believed that it was a cute idea to combine all religions and just make a commercial celebrating the holidays. Now watching this, I realize it is a mockery of non-Christian religions and is a pull on Christians to show what Virgin Mobile supports. Which is funny, because the owner of Virgin Mobile is atheist, what a smart man.

Old Nickelodeon vs. New Nickelodeon

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Almost everyone I know has at least heard of Nickelodeon. Many of us watched it growing up, whether your favorite show was Hey Arnold! or Invader Zim. Nickelodeon was first launched on April Fools Day in 1979. Since then Nickelodeon has become one of the most popular television networks since then, it began more popular in the ’80s when showing Double Dare and Kids Choice. Unfortunately, Nickelodeon has become something very different than we remember. When I was a kid, I loved Nickelodeon. Face, Rocket Power, Ren and Stimpy, Doug, etc. were all amusing shows which many people loved. Nickelodeon used to be all about funny kid cartoons, now I feel there are rarely any cartoons let alone funny ones on the station.

On Nickelodeon now there are only six animated TV shows, and two of them are fairly old and have been running for years, there are five TV shows that are live action, fortunately I have only heard of one iCarly, unfortunately it is horrible. And unfortunately the kids of this generation are blind to corny and irritating television.

This link has a list of different rating from Nickelodeon which states that iCarly is the most popular show for kids between 6 – 11, would that still be true if we still aired the good ole’ shows?

Nickelodeon has even changed their famous twenty-five year old slime splattered logo to a more sophisticated looking logo, which I feel is not what they should be going for in a children television station. The old logo was versatile and fun, it supported imagination in kids because of the always changing shapes and because it promoted Nickelodeon Slime. The new logo is bubble letters, but more stern and boring. No shape changing, no splatting, nothing except words.

Old nickelodeon shows I remember taught me lessons and morals. Clarissa Explains it All taught girls many things about boys, friendship, and family. Television shows now on Nickelodeon are less of a help for viewers, but more entertainment. Drake and Josh the show consists of two normal brothers with a bratty younger sister. In almost all of the episodes the younger sister plays mean pranks on her brothers and gets them into some sort of trouble, but never gets caught. When kids watch this it almost approves of bad behavior, and gives them the idea that they will not be punished nor caught for it. Now, I understand television is meant for entertainment, but when it is reinforcing bad ideas into the minds of children, is it true entertainment?

Nickelodeon has been a major television station since it first became aired in the 70s. Unfortunately, however, uncreative producers have either taken over, or the producers have run out of quality entertainment, which even more amplifies the greatness of the old Nickelodeon.

Louie’s Pizza, ruined by their website.

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Louie’s Pizza is a family restaurant serving all varieties of dishes but specializing in pizza. Their deep dish cheesy pizza brings customers in from all over the area, and it helps that they have won numerous awards for the pizza as well.

Creating a website for a restaurant is a difficult task because you have to decide what you want to reveal on your website. You could either get pictures of your food looking exceptional, maybe different dishes you serve, etc. The question is really what will make people come to your restaurant? Giving away too much information could potentially make or break what a viewer thinks of your website. Having the whole menu as basically the website is a risky thing for a restaurant which isn’t nationally known.

See, people love Louie’s Pizza, but from the website, I doubt I would consider actually visiting the restaurant.

The first problem with this website is it looks like a horrible page straight out of the 1980s.  The colors of the page, of course are Italian colors, which actually is probably a good thing because many people like Italian food. The actual font of the website is big and bubbly, it actually gives off an unprofessional and childish vibe.  Even though the website isn’t very professional they do have their hours, locations, and contact information.

When comparing to another similar pizza place, Louie’s website completely fails, even though their pizza would win. Buddy’s Pizza is also popular in the Detroit area, and largely displays this on their homepage stating “Detroit’s #1 square deep dish pizza,” also showing where they received the awards from. If Louie’s actually showed some of their awards many more customer would probably want to actually try the delectable on the menu.

As you can see Buddy’s has a large menu filled with all sorts of different options regarding their company. History is always a good thing, people seem to like places that have a long lasting history in their area. Discounts and Giving back are a very smart thing to put on the website, in an area people will definitely look at. Number one, who doesn’t like discounts, fortunately someone was smart enough to add coupons to Louie’s page. Number two, when places “give back” they are looked upon as gracious and caring, so that also just snagged them a boatload of more customers compared to Louie’s.

Here is a link to the website, and I will give props to the title. It is original, easy to remember, and it sounds appetizing as well.

How A Website Creates Chanel

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In fashion there are many brands that assert to differentiate themselves from all the rest.  I feel like the Chanel brand itself is one of the leaders in originality. It creates a symbolic look.The unique sense of style that is instantly associated with each brand creates an image for whoever wears the brand.  A lot of designers began to add logo’s to their brands even  before 1880’s.  I chose Chanel because of it’s classic look. It’s black and white logo symbolize a whole lifestyle to many fashionistas.
Chanel's elements
Chanel introduced her brand in the 1920s without her logo. Then in the 1930’s she began to introduce her logo. Her layered C. Her logo is simple, however it creates a very classic and uniform look. This black and white logo is often seen on their t-shirts, purses, socks, and miscellaneous other designer goods.

On Chanel’s website ( it asserts these assumptions. It’s logo gives it a look of simplisticy, just black and white and double c’s. The store creates a look of uniform with the matching Chanel on each of the banners . The flash and multimedia elements helps compliment the website with the swirl stairs. The art noveau stairs and flowy architecture create this image of simplicity and elegance. Each image are just overall flattering. his website is amongst the best to help create the brand.

It creates this brand and dream of this. If you walk in public and see the black and white, it is considered very formal. These elements are what Chanel tries to play up.

Chanel is furthermore incorporated with a sense of class and elegance that other brands can barely compare to.  They have a look of which their wearers are bound to wear and how they are supposed to look.  When celebrities wear them, they generally go for the very classic black and white look.

As shown in the picture is Nicole Kidman, the face of Chanel from 2009.  Nicole Kidman is shown in a very classic pose showing off her Chanel dress. Her hair done very simply. This is the repetition look of Chanel, the posing, the small structure of Nicole. This is is what it is like to be the double “C” in Chanel. It is asserted all throughout the website of Chanel.
Nicole Kidman
In this assertion of the Chanel logo and how it relates as whole is that an image (or the colors) and everything incorporated into a lifestyle. It shows that a lot of multimedia events can take place and even give life to a brand. Being a fashion design major, I wanted to incorporate it to relate to my major and future profession. The way colors coordinate and overall create the brand.

Miss American Dream Since She Was 17

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There is no doubt about it that Britney Spears is the tabloid hog of our generation.  Ever since she stepped into the spotlight in the Mickey Mouse Club all eyes have been on Britney. When she first burst out onto her own with her album,…baby one more time, Britney was just an innocent girl from Louisiana making her way into the damaging and high pressure world of the entertainment industry.  This is evident from the album cover of her first album. The way Britney is posed on the cover can be related to that of an innocent and cute puppy; head cocked to one side, glistening eyes, and a sense of friendliness. Even the lyrics of her hit single, “Hit Me Baby One More Time”, convey the same innocence. “The reason I breathe is you
Boy you got me blinded
Oh baby, baby
There’s nothing that I wouldn’t do
That’s not the way I planned “

This song reeks of young love and how a first love affects a teenage girl.  Britney was very into her religion and committed to her musical success  during this period in her life. However, the music video for this song does provide some insight into what the future Britney had in store. Her costuming is the major evidence. In this music video, Britney portrays herself as a schoolgirl. Some people might associate this image of a schoolgirl with role playing and sexual fantasies of a select few. Midrif showing, pigtails, a short skirt and exposing top contribute to this conclusion. Back then, this type of conclusion would not have been drawn because Britney was only known as the good girl.

As her music and success as an artist progressed, more skin and less clothes appeared on Britney. Also, more provocative poses, lyrics and music videos were presented to the public. Britney’s reputation started to change from innocent girl to a strong, sexually comfortable woman. “I’m a Slave 4 U” was one of the first songs that Britney composed after this transition occurred. In the music video, she wears her underwear on the outside of her pants, leaving a lot to the imagination. Not only does she display her undergarments for the world to see, a good amount of the upper half of her body is exposed. Throughout the entire video Britney is sweaty which gives off a hot and sexual vibe. By adding all the components together, this conclusion can be drawn.

As stated before, Britney went through a transition period in not only her life but also her career as a musical talent. Britney expressed to the world in her song “I’m Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman.” The lyrics speak for themselves:

“I’m not a girl
(I’m not a girl don’t tell me what to believe).
Not Yet a woman
(I’m just trying to find the woman in me, yeah).
All I need is time (All I need),
A moment that is mine (That is mine),
While I’m in between.”

Britney has lived her life in the public eye. The whole world has followed her from the start as an innocent girl to her falling off the bandwagon and regaining her life and career back. She has been under a magnifying glass for the longest time. She chronicles her life journey throughout her various albums and songs.  Like every other human being, Britney grew up and experienced the roller coaster of life. Her music helped her cope with it from the start.  She is living her American dream.

Is that you under there?

April 21, 2010 by

Hannah Montana Vs. Miley Cyrus

The Disney Channel reaches out to thousands of children and tweens on a daily basis with their sitcoms and original movies. While Disney holds itself to morals and standards through the life lessons they present in their shows, Disney is not as innocent as it seems. In the past there has been rumors that many Disney movies have hidden messages in them. Disney is constantly trying to teach kids to be themselves and follow their dreams. However, some creative heads missed the memo. Hannah Montana has become a worldwide success but, at what cost? The basic plotline of the Disney original series is that a normal tween/teenage girl based in California, disguises herself with the help of a blonde wig and sparkly accessories to accomplish her dream of becoming a rock star. She does this in order to maintain a normal life. However, Disney is sending the message that is ok to pretend to be someone you’re not in order to become rich, famous, and fulfill lifelong dreams. With all the media, magazines, movies and television shows out there children and tweens are already being exposed to the harsh reality and standards of society. It is a problem that Hannah Montana is becoming such a recognizable role model for young children of the future generations.  Through examining both Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus’s lyrics, the differences between the two are evident.

The first verse of Hannah Montana’s song “Rockstar” is a prime example of how impressing others and changing ones true self is the basis for this character.

“Sometimes I walk a little faster
In the school hallway
Just to get next to you
Some days I spend a little extra
Time in the morning
Just to impress you”

The fourth and fifth line into the song is saying that the superficial aspects of life and putting on this “mask” or “cover” is what it takes to be liked or successful.  Do parents know what they are exposing their children too? The last line sums the whole basis of Hannah Montana up; just for show. Disney should be teaching children not how to please others but how to be comfortable in one’s own skin and to be one’s true self. The title of this song implies if a person changes their outer self and conforms to what society deems as beautiful or perfect than they will achieve a high level of status. Let’s face it, life doesn’t work that way.

On the other side of the spectrum there is Miley Cyrus. With her fair share of scandals under her belt, Miley isn’t a good or ideal role model for the same age demographic that Hannah Montana reels in. The problem isn’t so much in her lyrics but more in the visual aspects that are in her music videos. In “Party in the USA” Miley’s choice of clothing is way too provocative for her age and the demographic she is reaching out too. Daisy dukes barely short enough to cover her bottom, a tight tank top that shows of her fit figure and boots fit for an older rock star grace this young star’s body. By having a more suggestive image, Miley Cyrus is serving as a role model in the wrong way.

Both Hannah Montana the character, and Miley Cyrus the real person, are negative role models for the younger generations. Although Disney has a clean, crisp image, Hannah Montana is one of the mistakes they made in creating a character who teaches children the wrong lessons. However, it was a smart move on the business side with all the success and money Hannah Montana has made. Is that the cost society and Disney is willing to take? It looks like it.

NIKE goes Kobe Lebron Puppets?

April 21, 2010 by

“NBA Puppet Time!”

Do you Remember this? The first Kobe and Lebron puppet commercial? Kobe and Lebron are two great basketball players who many toss back and forth on who are the best. So what better way to poke fun at them than to make them into puppets right?

Nike first takes the cake by creating two puppets both looking like Kobe and Lebron in appearance for their company and preparing for the 2009 NBA Playoffs. This pulls in many viewers of all kinds because who wasn’t amp for Playoffs? Yet, the first Commercial for Kobe and Lebron goes so well and entertains many, they begin to make it an ongoing series of clips leading up until the NBA Playoffs also adding other characters in such as a little guy named “Lil Dez”.

Adding other Characters into these commercials as they grew more popular only complimented Nike and helped advertise for NBA Playoffs. “Lil Dez” being included in the Kobe and Lebron puppets added more humor and entertainment for viewers.   As “Lil Dez” squeaky voice shows the puberty he is going through as he is known as the funny kid in the commercial who brings tears of laughter to others.

The company, Nike had a great idea to help promote their company.  Using two very well known athletes to promote them was a wise decision for them.  They took it up a notch and instead of hiring the two athletes, Kobe and Lebron for a commercial they got the idea of using puppets because it is more appealing to the eye.  Also more entertaining for the viewers as the puppets advertise Nike gear in the commercials.

Many want to believe that Kobe Bryant and Lebron James are two individuals who go at it like monsters on and off the court but the puppet commercial convey the two in different aspects such as roommates, joking around teasing one another, and competing of course! And the idea of conveying these athletes from different aspects and angles in these commercial set up even higher standards for both Kobe and Lebron which led more to tune into the NBA Playoffs and great advertisement for Nike. This goes to show how commercials really affects the viewers everywhere.

The Kobe and Lebron Puppets got such good ratings as they were posted on Youtube that they were brought back to continue on for the 2010 NBA Playoffs

Expecting bigger and better things from Nike as they continue to pursue these commercials, not only helping their company profit in sales

But entertain viewers and fans of Kobe Bryant and Lebron James.