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April 21, 2010

This is the cover for the DVD and movie posters for the film, The Hangover. I found this picture online, but also own the DVD. The image is advertising the film and certain events that happened throughout its duration. This particular image also advertises a special version of the DVD (Unrated and Special Edition.

The apparent rough situation at the bottom of the ad indicates action and unexpected activities to take place. In order of this advertisement to play off of the title of the film, it needs to be positioned in the consumer’s mind, as a crazy night out.

This ad is gendered against the American male, making them look like wild men that cannot comprehend how to party responsibly. Also, the random assortment of animals combined with the tattered and beaten down cast, makes this ad powerful. This ad really relies on the generation Y crowd to be interested in drinking, partying, and craziness. The beaten up car and “killer funny” text further attempt to persuade its target market to buy into this generation Y themed filmed.

If you’re wondering who generation Y is watch this…

The middle-right quadrant of the screen represents Vegas. Anyone who has been to Las Vegas or seen a movie with LasVegas has seen that sign. Vegas represent trouble when portrayed through three 25 to 30 year old men. Las Vegas is a stereotypical (for good reason) location that represents gambling, drinking, and sex. This image is defiantly trying to pitch the idea about how crazy and funny this movie is.

The title is written in old neon sign fashion. This technique represents Las Vegas, the city of lights. The Unrated text appeals to the high school and college demographic in that the typical, 15 to 25 age group would most definitely pick an unrated version. The overall image is a good portrayal of the film, and would definitely rekindle some of the highpoints for someone who has seen it.

The background is blue sky; this makes the rugged situation at the bottom of the image a lot more noticeable. The blue sky also helps the contrastingred colored title and text throughout the image to pop. This forces the viewer to scan the entire image. The spacing of the image and the text allows for a complete view of the image, not just a quick glance.

The overall clothing the men are wearing in the picture is very tattered and dirty which leads the viewer to believe it’s caused by beatings and exhausting circumstances.The gentleman pointingto his tooth and standing very staggered, leads people to believe something happened to him that he was unhappy about. The other 2 men in the image look as thought they have been beat up. Also, the overall image combined with the title of the film, leads viewers mind to immediately assume that the characters had a crazy evening.



April 21, 2010

This advertisement is for SKYY vodka. It’s a photo I remember seeing several years ago in a Maxim Magazine. By using a provocative image of a woman, the purpose of this advertisement is to sell the company’s alcoholic beverage.

The foremost detail is of a gentleman holding martini glasses and a bottle of SKYY vodka. He is standing over a woman who is sunbathing in a sexy provocative bathing suit. He is a man that appears to be sophisticated and dressed in formal attire, thus giving the assumption that he is of high class. This provides an appeal to men because the ad is stating that the consumer, that they can be classy and sophisticated as well, if he drinks SKYY Vodka. The male in the photo isn’t given an identity causing the male consumer to imagine himself in the photo, making the desire that much more endearing.

The two are in a beautiful, almost surreal setting making the possible consumer wanting everything the two in the photo have. Since this was found in a Maxim magazine, men are more likely to believe that if they drink SKYY and dress high class, they’ll get the girl that is almost fake like. This ad demonstrates control over men and helps the consumer wasnt to feel this strength as well.

In several different places within the SKYY Ad are v’s. V for many means victory and by attaching victory to this ad, the consumer is able to relate this instance of victory with their personal future experience where they’ll experience victory themselves. Thanks to SKYY Vodka, the consumer will be victorious. Even Nike, a company that brands it’s self by a logo is presenting a new V for victory tactic. This helps to reassure the viewer that victory will be accomplished by drinking SKYY Vodka.

Visit NikeBlog-V for Victory to see additional victory photos.

Even though the ad wants men to think they hold the power however in this photo one might see that the woman doesn’t need to get up when a man is above her, making the woman have the power.

Now I pose the question for you… is this advertisement by SKYY Vodka Gendered?


April 21, 2010

This fragrance advertisement by TOM FORD is part of the collection has sex written all over it. This is an ad I found while looking at things by TOM FORD. I am a big fan of his sunglasses, however this fragrance advertisement really caught my eye.

This Tom Ford advertisement for male fragrance has the bottle moved to a slightly less provocative position than the ad used in the smaller photo. A new feature is added in the larger photo that isn’t in the smaller ones and that is the mouth of the woman. This causes the imagination to run even wilder. This advertisement is obviously geared towards the male audience. The fragrance itself in the photo is supposed to representthe male’s genitalia.

The advertisement uses a female body that every woman who doesn’t have this body strives for. Even though this body is perfectly proportioned with an extremely large bust, no body in real life looks like that unless they are airbrushed. The collar-bones and thin neck are also to symbolize that the woman is skinny and in shape.

Watch: Beauty Evolution

The message this ad sends is that if you are male and wearing this cologne, this fragrance will bring you sexual, provocative instances, like the one in the photos.

The only thing other than the woman’s body and the text is the perfume. Since the placement of the bottle is between her breasts and the bottle is supposed to represent the male’s genital. This provides a representation that the male has a specific sexual power over the woman and by the look on her face she is either surprised or is in ecstasy.  Regardless of what the mouth may be communicating, the woman is obviously the object of the man with her mouth frozen in a most awkward position.

Since red is the color that is always linked to sin, anger and sex, the first thing to be noticed is the bright crimson color of the lips and nails. This bold color contrast from the rest of the ad draws the eyes toward the breasts and mouth, the most sensual parts of the woman in this photo. Also the lighting and/or oiling of the skin makes the body glisten and appear sweaty. It might almost make the viewer think of oil on the body, which could be linked back to sex.

Another thing to notice is the fact that the writing at the bottom blends with the highlighting and lighting of the image making this not as important as the image itself or the bottle. The shot is framed completely around the breasts and the mouth is purposefully shown. The face is of no importance to this sexual advertisement because the face shows emotion and a real person where as this advertisement is selling an object, in woman form. The position of the hands is also sexual.