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“Stay at home mom’s” still considered target audience in cleaning product commercials.

April 21, 2010

While this video portrays both the husband and the wife, and as assumed the mother and father cleaning up dinner as most commercials do it is mostly the wife/mom  being the one in charge of most of the cleaning. In this video particular the boys state clearly that the mom “should have used glad force flex” which backs up the idea that the mom/wife is to be assumed that she is the stay at home mom who does all the cleaning.

This Glaad commercial was  made in the 2010 year, and while the years have changed in some sense as it is acceptable to have a women as the secretary of state, and speaker of the house it is still hard for commercials to change their focus on that idea of assuming the stay at home mom as the main audience member, while not even considering the possibility of having a different stay at home lifestyle.

This Reynolds wrap commercial was dated back to 1997 which is 13 years ago, and yet the same idea is being put across to the audience. The wife/women of the house do the cleaning as all of the “Oh-Oh” moments are clearly from other women. Yet again it seems as if having a man do the cleaning around the house seems as unheard of. This can be assumed, because not one man is shown in the commercial like the Glad commercial the women is assumed to do the cleaning, and there for the products are directed towards them in a way of them understanding it as being relatable to all of the “stay at home mom’s/wife’s”.

In this above febreeze commercial it is not clearly stated that the mom has been home all day as the other commercials leave out that part, but it can be as what is assumed. Even so this commercial not only shows that the man/boy is messy, and needs his mom or in other words a women to clean his mess up, and not only takes the credit for the aftermath, but completely ignores his mothers/moms help. This commercial was made yet again in this 2010 year, but seems to fit the stereotype that has not gone away apparently since the 90s in that the women is assumed to do the cleaning, and for that matter should not be credited for it.

In this 2009 “Wow” product commercial the women are the ones having trouble with the containers, and there is not one man shown until the 2:00 mark, and even with him in it he is not having trouble with the containers. I could assume they would stress the idea of women having the trouble with the containers, because they use the products more. Even when the husband/dad is shown he is not even at home. Which backs the idea up of the women being assumed as the stay at home mom, which like the Glad trash bags and the Febreeze spray consumers need to realize that times have changed, and while having these commercials relate to only women the times are different and with having for example a women speaker of the house and a women as the secretary of state the advertisers need to recognize this idea.


Infomercial seen as more of a joke then an actual product.

April 21, 2010

Earlier this year fans of Ellen DeGeneres, and just recently Saturday Night Live have seen the parody’s of the new Shake Weight  infomercial. As shown below,

(Ellen video parody)

(Snl video parody)

While the two videos are funny in the sense of this infomercial being seen as a  big joke it raises the question in why the beginning of the video states “specifically designed for women” as opposed to just being for everyone.

(the complete infomercial)

The shake weight  is also accessible for men, but that is not seen as their main audience being that on the website it only states on the bottom of the page “get shake weight for men” after the rest of the site is filled with the women’s shake weight commercial and pictures of women using the product.

[] (Shake weight website)

Not only does it stress that the product is “designed specifically for women” in the first few seconds of the video, but it also is stated yet again bold on the website.

The video then states that women will “go from giggly flabby and saggy to the firm, tight toned sexy arms you want”  this raises the question on how the people who created the infomercial know that every women wants to have sexy, toned arms. Instead of the infomercial stating that you could get sexy arms if you choose it is not allowing another option. I can assume this is meant for the group of women that are concerned about their upper arms being sexy and toned, but it could lose customers in the sense that they would rather not  have tone arms that in some sense could make them look more mainly.

I also would like to know what evidence there is that the product is “designed specifically for women” because I could easily make a product and state the same thing. Like other infomercials/commercials the shake weight should spend less time finding women to have in their infomercial and more time showing the facts of their accusation.

For example,

(Sham wow infomercial)

This video shows not only a before and after with using other products such as paper towels, but it also shows examples of how to use the product. In the shake weight commercial it gives no evidence that the women using the product have benefited from it, but rather shows them dancing at the end. It also does not set itself apart from any other products such as just a free weight in that it does not prove how it is any different.

As an audience member, and a women of this infomercial it is seen as more of a joke then an actual product in that I would prefer watch parodies on SNL, and other popular networks then buy a product that could with no evidence make my upper arms toned and sexy.

Blogger needs to consider audience.

April 21, 2010

On the Entertainment Weekly website fans of entertainment shows, movie, and books can check out this website for TV recaps, and reviews among other things.

On the TV portion of the website there are many categories, and among those categories there is the TV watch category. The TV watch provides recaps for all current shows on television. For example as of right now dancing with the Stars, 24, and Glee are among the shows that bloggers will provide recaps for. The recaps provide all the fans a summarized version of what happened in the night be fore’s episode in case they missed the episode or at least part of that episode. In the case of the Desperate Housewives blogger’s recap rather than recapping the episode it seems as more of a way for Tanner Stransky to address how much he truly dislikes the show that all the fans that visit the blog post enjoy.

For example on the April 18, 2010 episode “Killing me Softly” when the blogger Tanner Stransky stated off the bat what he disliked about the episode.

“Yup, the once-hot Desperate Housewives just landed its own serial killer storyline. Wah-wah…”

This is clear from the start that Tanner believes the show he recaps is was “once-hot” there for meaning not so much anymore.,,20361950,00.html (This is the the complete recap)

The writer Tanner Stransky has written 963 blog posts for the EW website, and could be seen as an authority for having written so many blog posts. Even with this said it is seen as not only unfair to the fans of the show that generates over 10 million people a week, but to also the fans that read the blog recaps that Tanner has communicated to the fans a large amount of dislike in the show that he recaps week after week. In the examples above Tanner is shown both starting, and or ending his statement with something negative about the show rather than positive.

Fans of the show seemed to have picked up to this idea, and decided to comment under Tanner’s post on how they truly feel about him as a blogger. For example,


  1. Jeff Mon 4/19/10 01:30 AM

Why don’t we have a reccaper that actually likes the show??? Why is it necessary to bash the show the whole time?

This comment posted by Jeff proves the idea that not only does one person feel that Tanner dislikes the show, but  also at least 13 other people who commented directly under Jeff’s statement feel the same way. The EW website should stick to the way they have done it in the past, and present with the other bloggers stressing at one point or another that they genuinely like the show that is being discussed or at least some of the episodes of that particular show.

There is another example of this idea on the March 14th episode, “Time to Share” when Tanner started off the recap stating this, “But, as has been the case with the show lately, we really got bupkis. Zilch. A whole lot of nothing. This was one trip to NYC that was rather pointless.”,,20351582,00.html (This is the complete recap)

With tanner stating, “but, as has been the case with the show lately, we really got bupkis,” I as a fan of the show felt a lot different, and while the trip to New York may have seen “pointless” to Tanner a lot of the fans seemed to think otherwise. For example,


  1. 1. tg   Mon 3/15/10 10:56 AM

I agree that the recapper just simply hates this show. I’m not saying it’s the best thing on TV….but it’s far from the worst.

This is yet another fan that agrees that the EW would be better off if they picked a new recapper, because even the fans as stated above that are not the biggest fans of the show believe that the Desperate Housewives recap is in need of a more positive blogger.

A show that seems to get the complete opposite of recaps is Modern Family. The blogger for that particular show is Ken Tucker.

An example of Ken Tuckers statements for his recap for the April 14th episode “Has your significant other ever embarrassed you in a social setting,” is below.

““Typically terrific Modern Family last night, but the scenes in which Mitchell tried to impress a possible new boss (all praise to Justin Kirk), were almost too good — awfully squirm-inducing.” (This is the complete recap)

This shows the significant difference between Ken, and Tanner’s recaps. While Tanner states “the once hot Desperate Housewives” in the beginning of his recap Ken states the opposite in saying “typically terrific Modern Family” this shows the large significantly different blogger’s in how they recap their shows. In having a positive recap Ken receives the same amount of positivity from other fans of the show. For example,


  • jmo

Thu 04/15/10 11:53 AM

I love the show and could’ve watched a whole 1/2 hour of just Cam and Mitchell at the dinner party. Uncomfortable but brilliant comedy. Cam’s the man.

In order to keep the 197 people or more commenting, and reading the Desperate Housewives recaps Tanner should probably take a hint from Ken, and make sure that at least half of the blogs posted are somewhat positive otherwise the fans will lose interest in this blog and could even decide to make their own.