Youtube the New Record Label?


“Lands Dondria Fields a record deal”

Google, Yahoo, who needs it when you have YouTube!  YouTube has been around for years now and has grown more popular by the day.  Anything you’re looking for is more than likely on YouTube from the latest fight at your school to who dunks on whom and now posting videos landing a record deal.


Dondria also known as “Phatfffat” was a 19 year old girl who was only posting videos of her singing to see what people really thought about her voice.  Not expecting to go any further than some tough criticism and collaborating with other YouTubers on their video post.  She started getting feedback from producers who wanted to work with her.

And after 3 months Dondria was signed to the record label called SO SO DEF by producer and well known artist his self, Jermaine Dupri.  Dondria “Phatfffat” Fields music is now in the making.

As time goes on YouTube continues to be a scout for new artist as past artist have been discovered from YouTube such as artists Tynisha Keli and Esmee Denters.  YouTube has given new sources and hope to unsigned artist who wish to be discovered and made big and given a chance to show the world the true definition of music.  This is an opportunity of a lifetime for unsigned artist because with Youtube it gives them the advantage of being able to interact with an audience and get negative and positive feedback from their viewers.  For Record labels its hard for them to come across potential artist because they get a demo yet it’s more than just about the artist voice.  They look for personality, their ability to be able to interact in different environments and their performance.  YouTube gives that visual aid that producers such as Jermaine Dupri and others can look more in depth to.


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