This advertisement is for SKYY vodka. It’s a photo I remember seeing several years ago in a Maxim Magazine. By using a provocative image of a woman, the purpose of this advertisement is to sell the company’s alcoholic beverage.

The foremost detail is of a gentleman holding martini glasses and a bottle of SKYY vodka. He is standing over a woman who is sunbathing in a sexy provocative bathing suit. He is a man that appears to be sophisticated and dressed in formal attire, thus giving the assumption that he is of high class. This provides an appeal to men because the ad is stating that the consumer, that they can be classy and sophisticated as well, if he drinks SKYY Vodka. The male in the photo isn’t given an identity causing the male consumer to imagine himself in the photo, making the desire that much more endearing.

The two are in a beautiful, almost surreal setting making the possible consumer wanting everything the two in the photo have. Since this was found in a Maxim magazine, men are more likely to believe that if they drink SKYY and dress high class, they’ll get the girl that is almost fake like. This ad demonstrates control over men and helps the consumer wasnt to feel this strength as well.

In several different places within the SKYY Ad are v’s. V for many means victory and by attaching victory to this ad, the consumer is able to relate this instance of victory with their personal future experience where they’ll experience victory themselves. Thanks to SKYY Vodka, the consumer will be victorious. Even Nike, a company that brands it’s self by a logo is presenting a new V for victory tactic. This helps to reassure the viewer that victory will be accomplished by drinking SKYY Vodka.

Visit NikeBlog-V for Victory to see additional victory photos.

Even though the ad wants men to think they hold the power however in this photo one might see that the woman doesn’t need to get up when a man is above her, making the woman have the power.

Now I pose the question for you… is this advertisement by SKYY Vodka Gendered?


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