Toys”Я”Us Logo Promotes Poor Grammar


Founder and CEO of Toys “Я” Us, Charles Lazarus, chose “‘R’ Us” to be a part of his store’s title as a pun, playing off of his last name. However, the grammar of the sign has been upsetting people for quite some time. Although Toys “Я” Us is a very successful business, and the name alone will not stop people from going there, it may make people shake their head as they pass by the store. The “Я” in the store’s title has been getting criticized since the evolution of the company into what is now known as Toys “Я” Us in 1957.

Original Toys "Я" Us sign.

Lazarus wanted the “Я” to be symbolic of children’s innocence and also believing that it resembles the way that a child would mean to spell the word “are.” The main problem that people have with this is that they do not want their children to read the sign and spell “are” missing two vital letters and reversing the one letter that they have left. The Toys “Я” Us sign is a promotion of poor grammar, and since its beginnings, there have been revisions; yet the revisions have not fixed the giant mistake.

Redone Toys "Я" Us sign that appeared beginning in 1999.

The only change that the company did to their sign was the addition of the star behind the “Я.” The colors of the letters all remain the same, and it is a wonder why the only change here is the star. This is not the last change to the company’s sign, however. For example:

The current Toys "Я" Us logo, from 2007-Present.

Here, Toys “Я” Us chose to close the gaps between the words/letters, change the colors of the letters, and put a star inside of the Я. This logo seems to be the least exciting of the bunch, but apparently this company wants to make sure that they do not keep the same logo for too long.

Although many people are upset with the backwards R that appears on their sign, another group of people enjoy it the way that it is, because it is the “classic” look. It is also notable that the company website uses the backwards R, or Я, as their logo on everything, yet when they write it out, it reads Toys “R” Us, with the R appearing in the correct fashion. website (notice the logos appear with the backwards R, while the phone number and area where more sites can be located appears as 'Toys"R"Us."

Because of the success that Toys “Я” Us has had over the many decades, it is not realistic that the sign will change its letter R to the normal position. However, this could be a cause of poor grammar which may be visible in the writing of younger children.


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