The New Leader in Indie Artwork World


Ebay may as well be running for their money—There is a new website that is focused on selling individual artists’ works. Ebay is one of the most successful websites known to help selling merchandise. However, they had a nitch in their market. There wasn’t really a way to grab the attention of those who are making and creating art. If you were to search paintings, you would get semi-professional art as well as tons of prints. There wasn’t much of a way to differentiate between the
Etsy: The New EbayThere is a new website that I feel is focusing a little more on ‘indie’ art. Etsy ( is going to rise as a leader in the selling of customizable art because of it’s focus on the artists and their works.
Etsy has a comfortable atmosphere to the website, it really gathers and organizes the art by specific type and medium. I think that this allows the viewer who is looking for the art to be able to pick apart what it is they are looking for. It really helps the seller even to have a place to put their art. This makes it more accessible to other people instead of posting something in a random subcategory on Ebay or even in the broad “arts and crafts” on Craigslist..
Another reason why I feel like this website is essentially one of the most useful is because they keep everything very neutral. They keep it very user-friendly for older and younger. It really allows people to view the website and not have to worry about the bright greens or any other annoying colors that may be an eye-sore for those who are older.
The approach they used for the images that aren’t items on the website are very simple. If you look at a Hallmark card, it looks completely copied off of it. It really kind of utilizes these feeling into the website, giving it a very “art”esque feel to it. Hallmark Card
I think that Etsy is going to really be the face of independent art in the semi-near future. It is going to inspire people to want to make art and want to post it to sell it. For 3$ to post something, what artist wouldn’t want their stuff be a little more accessible?


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