Text 2.0 – The future of reading


Check out the above video if you haven’t already. If you can’t watch it, it is about new eye tracking technology that will see where your eyes are on the screen at all times. If you’re reading a book, it will know what word you’re reading and change the ebook to fit you. If you’re stuck on a word it will pop up a definition. If you’re reading a scene in the mountains it will display images of mountains.

The applications for this technology are nearly limitless. Imagine:

  • 100% comprehension of any text. It is no longer a pipe dream. From young to old readers, everyone can pick up any book and understand it completely. If you get stuck in a section pop-ups will try to help you. If your e-reader is connected to a future book network, then you can ask other people reading the same book as you.
  • Immersive stories with images, sound, and video integrated into the ebook. Images that change based on what you’re reading. Sounds that play when you read certain points. Instead of saying “knock-knock-knock” it could play the knocks for you, or actors that say dialog while you read it.
  • Magazines with ads that know you’re watching or reading them. This is a dream of most advertisers. Knowing someone is viewing your ad is a godsend. Tracking exactly what their customers are looking at would allow them to redesign their ads recursively.
  • Books that cater to your eyes: your eye speed, reflexes, and distance. Imagine a book that automatically changes font size, spacing, and format for elderly or child readers.

What could eye tracking do for you? What do you think Text 2.0 will do for the world?  Share in the comments.


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