Size Doesn’t Matter!?


Leave it up to the CEO’s and creative heads over at Axe’s headquarters to introduce the world to yet another provocative and controversial commercial. In all of Axe’s commercials there is some sort of sexual innuendo and a woman or women with a hot body and face. All of the mentioned elements and more are all catered to the target audience of the product; men. What does every man or at least most of them imagine as their perfect woman? Big boobs, a nice bodonkadonk, symmetrical face, and what society deems as “hot”.  According to the makers of Axe cologne, a man who wears this scent can attract the woman or women of their dreams.

In the commercial above, they cater to both the sexual side of the male brain as well as the personal and sensitive aspect of their man parts. In American society today, the mantra is sex sells and Axe takes part in this social norm.  “How can men clean their balls so they are more enjoyable to play with?” the host of this constructed game show asks. It is hard for people of many age ranges not to take this as a sexual reference and laugh at it. Through this dialogue, masturbation and pleasure is referenced.  Since when did T.V. become rated R? Anything is possible in this day and age. By using a common object and old time American sports balls, the reference comes across as “clean” enough for T.V. The product will clean men balls and leave them looking like new but it will not please the very religious or goody-two-shoes of people throughout the United States. Sex is the main factor that sells Axe as a product. The facial expressions of the audience and two women onstage further enhance the success of the product. It says “not only will it satisfy the consumer, but it will also satisfy others around them.” Men will buy anything that helps the process of pleasing the woman and anything that makes life easier. Let’s face it men would rather take the easy way out.

Throughout the whole two minutes and forty-six seconds that the commercial covers, another cultural theme is raised. Does size really matter? According to Axe, it doesn’t.  This is displayed through the different balls used: golf balls, tennis balls, a sack full of soccer balls, and even old, worn-out balls. Magazines and the media always say that size does matter and the bigger the better. This commercial is telling men to not be ashamed of how small or big, or dirty their man parts are but to embrace them and that their product can help. This is a very effective video that speaks to the men of America.

Seduction in the scent and the shower

This commercial is a moving visual of the goal of Axe; sell sex to sell the most products. However, this is not the only technique that the company uses to sell their product.  By examining the Axe website, it is apparent that they use seduction as a main component in advertising their products.  Not only does Axe make cologne, but they also make shampoo and conditioner and hair styling products. One of the conditioners is called Lure. The name is the first sign of the company’s main advertising techniques. However, they don’t stop there. The description of the conditioner states, “Be the bait. With hair so soft it’s sure to hook her heart.” This statement does two things. First, it says that the product with help a man attract a women and pull her in. The second aspect it achieves, is that it actually does make the hair soft. Like previously stated, men like anything that can do double duty because it means less work for them.

Overall, Axe as a company conforms to society’s idea that sex sells. By targeting guys visual dependency and them as a gender, Axe gets the job done and allows for continued success of their products. Next time you’re in the hygiene aisle, just think of a guy in your life who is ready to seduce the world and better themselves at the same time.


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