PNC Banking claims “Excellence” but instead gives fees?


National City has been serving customers all Around the U.S for 165 years now and are now linked with PNC banking, also known as Pittsburgh National Corporation banking. The two Banks have been linked since December of 2008.

National  City Bank was said not to be a center of excellence yet PNC Claims that they can provide a better service starting with the logo of bright colors, orange blue and white claiming brighter and better than the service National City has been provided.

PNC claims that National City should not be awarded for their lack of excellence but thanks to them they will bring forth better things picking up what National City is lacking such as online banking and system maintenance.  Yet customers complain about how PNC online banking is terrible and when problems come about people working with the system maintenance has no way of helping them and they seem like they are uncertified for the job.

Unlike National City who has had some glitches in online banking, but just with some communication from the customers changes are made and the customers are satisfied.  Overdraft fees have also been a problem for National City yet customers have also claimed that Overdraft fees have now tripled since PNC has now stepped in to achieve the goal of a center of “excellence”.

“I’ve been banking with PNC Bank for 2 years now. So far they have managed to charge me thousands of dollars in overdraft fees that make no sense whatsoever. I left my small bank for PNC because they promised me real time online banking. So far I’ve found their online system to be false and a scam for all those hard working customers who use it. Not one of the PNC representatives can accurately inform you of how the system works”
– Alison of Frederick, MD November 3, 2009 –

National City, past and or present employees were given some choices as to relocate to Pittsburgh if they wanted to keep their job, or move to another branch where their Job would continue. Yet for the employees many have families and to relocate in such short notice for many were not an option, leaving majority unemployed. Yet for business when it was brought to their attention of PNC Banking taking over, many were hesitant and left due to the connections and trust that was build with National City. Many companies were not ready to take a risk with PNC Banking due to the lack of time given of National City being turned over to PNC Banking. Where as for other companies they wanted to stay committed and try PNC Banking out to see if there could and would be improvements that their companies could profit from.


The Video above displays the affect this move has had on the employees who lost their jobs due to the transition with PNC Banking. Although many protest In Cleveland to keep National City independent the outcome was a disaster as National City is now tied in with PNC. Unfortunately National City was not seen as an center of excellence as top executives rack in money and make profits off of others suffering.

Overdraft fees and online banking being the number one problem have enraged customers who had been faithful clients of National City stuck by their side when being linked with PNC Banking and now many are wondering if PNC Banking is the one’s gone bad and not National City.


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