Old Nickelodeon vs. New Nickelodeon


Almost everyone I know has at least heard of Nickelodeon. Many of us watched it growing up, whether your favorite show was Hey Arnold! or Invader Zim. Nickelodeon was first launched on April Fools Day in 1979. Since then Nickelodeon has become one of the most popular television networks since then, it began more popular in the ’80s when showing Double Dare and Kids Choice. Unfortunately, Nickelodeon has become something very different than we remember. When I was a kid, I loved Nickelodeon. Face, Rocket Power, Ren and Stimpy, Doug, etc. were all amusing shows which many people loved. Nickelodeon used to be all about funny kid cartoons, now I feel there are rarely any cartoons let alone funny ones on the station.

On Nickelodeon now there are only six animated TV shows, and two of them are fairly old and have been running for years, there are five TV shows that are live action, fortunately I have only heard of one iCarly, unfortunately it is horrible. And unfortunately the kids of this generation are blind to corny and irritating television.

This link has a list of different rating from Nickelodeon which states that iCarly is the most popular show for kids between 6 – 11, would that still be true if we still aired the good ole’ shows?

Nickelodeon has even changed their famous twenty-five year old slime splattered logo to a more sophisticated looking logo, which I feel is not what they should be going for in a children television station. The old logo was versatile and fun, it supported imagination in kids because of the always changing shapes and because it promoted Nickelodeon Slime. The new logo is bubble letters, but more stern and boring. No shape changing, no splatting, nothing except words.

Old nickelodeon shows I remember taught me lessons and morals. Clarissa Explains it All taught girls many things about boys, friendship, and family. Television shows now on Nickelodeon are less of a help for viewers, but more entertainment. Drake and Josh the show consists of two normal brothers with a bratty younger sister. In almost all of the episodes the younger sister plays mean pranks on her brothers and gets them into some sort of trouble, but never gets caught. When kids watch this it almost approves of bad behavior, and gives them the idea that they will not be punished nor caught for it. Now, I understand television is meant for entertainment, but when it is reinforcing bad ideas into the minds of children, is it true entertainment?

Nickelodeon has been a major television station since it first became aired in the 70s. Unfortunately, however, uncreative producers have either taken over, or the producers have run out of quality entertainment, which even more amplifies the greatness of the old Nickelodeon.


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