This fragrance advertisement by TOM FORD is part of the collection has sex written all over it. This is an ad I found while looking at things by TOM FORD. I am a big fan of his sunglasses, however this fragrance advertisement really caught my eye.

This Tom Ford advertisement for male fragrance has the bottle moved to a slightly less provocative position than the ad used in the smaller photo. A new feature is added in the larger photo that isn’t in the smaller ones and that is the mouth of the woman. This causes the imagination to run even wilder. This advertisement is obviously geared towards the male audience. The fragrance itself in the photo is supposed to representthe male’s genitalia.

The advertisement uses a female body that every woman who doesn’t have this body strives for. Even though this body is perfectly proportioned with an extremely large bust, no body in real life looks like that unless they are airbrushed. The collar-bones and thin neck are also to symbolize that the woman is skinny and in shape.

Watch: Beauty Evolution

The message this ad sends is that if you are male and wearing this cologne, this fragrance will bring you sexual, provocative instances, like the one in the photos.

The only thing other than the woman’s body and the text is the perfume. Since the placement of the bottle is between her breasts and the bottle is supposed to represent the male’s genital. This provides a representation that the male has a specific sexual power over the woman and by the look on her face she is either surprised or is in ecstasy.  Regardless of what the mouth may be communicating, the woman is obviously the object of the man with her mouth frozen in a most awkward position.

Since red is the color that is always linked to sin, anger and sex, the first thing to be noticed is the bright crimson color of the lips and nails. This bold color contrast from the rest of the ad draws the eyes toward the breasts and mouth, the most sensual parts of the woman in this photo. Also the lighting and/or oiling of the skin makes the body glisten and appear sweaty. It might almost make the viewer think of oil on the body, which could be linked back to sex.

Another thing to notice is the fact that the writing at the bottom blends with the highlighting and lighting of the image making this not as important as the image itself or the bottle. The shot is framed completely around the breasts and the mouth is purposefully shown. The face is of no importance to this sexual advertisement because the face shows emotion and a real person where as this advertisement is selling an object, in woman form. The position of the hands is also sexual.


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