Louie’s Pizza, ruined by their website.


Louie’s Pizza is a family restaurant serving all varieties of dishes but specializing in pizza. Their deep dish cheesy pizza brings customers in from all over the area, and it helps that they have won numerous awards for the pizza as well.

Creating a website for a restaurant is a difficult task because you have to decide what you want to reveal on your website. You could either get pictures of your food looking exceptional, maybe different dishes you serve, etc. The question is really what will make people come to your restaurant? Giving away too much information could potentially make or break what a viewer thinks of your website. Having the whole menu as basically the website is a risky thing for a restaurant which isn’t nationally known.

See, people love Louie’s Pizza, but from the website, I doubt I would consider actually visiting the restaurant.

The first problem with this website is it looks like a horrible page straight out of the 1980s.  The colors of the page, of course are Italian colors, which actually is probably a good thing because many people like Italian food. The actual font of the website is big and bubbly, it actually gives off an unprofessional and childish vibe.  Even though the website isn’t very professional they do have their hours, locations, and contact information.

When comparing to another similar pizza place, Louie’s website completely fails, even though their pizza would win. Buddy’s Pizza is also popular in the Detroit area, and largely displays this on their homepage stating “Detroit’s #1 square deep dish pizza,” also showing where they received the awards from. If Louie’s actually showed some of their awards many more customer would probably want to actually try the delectable on the menu.

As you can see Buddy’s has a large menu filled with all sorts of different options regarding their company. History is always a good thing, people seem to like places that have a long lasting history in their area. Discounts and Giving back are a very smart thing to put on the website, in an area people will definitely look at. Number one, who doesn’t like discounts, fortunately someone was smart enough to add coupons to Louie’s page. Number two, when places “give back” they are looked upon as gracious and caring, so that also just snagged them a boatload of more customers compared to Louie’s.

Here is a link to the website, and I will give props to the title. It is original, easy to remember, and it sounds appetizing as well.


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