Is your energy boost lacking?


More and more the pace of our everyday lives is speeding up, whether on the job or at play, and the traditional methods of keeping the pace are being challenged by a new breed of assistance: energy drinks. Many of the popular varieties achieve this task of fueling the tired masses by pumping large amounts of caffeine and sugar into the user, but one brand that stands aside from the other energy substances, including such older “models” as coffee, is 5-Hour Energy Shot.

Coffee has been one of the most common manners to find energy and stay awake until recently, and although it still retains a large population of consumers, the new varieties of energy substance are finding themselves enjoyed in growing numbers.

One aspect that allows 5-Hour Energy to separate itself from the rest of the competition is its unique form.

When comparing the various products, it becomes apparent how large an impact size can have when bustling about through the busy day, and this can be seen throughout life. Size matters!

Differing from the above examples, 5-Hour Energy Shot is small, sleek, lightweight:

It does not require refrigeration and can be resealed if you do not need a whole five hour boost. Also, one of the most convenient aspects of 5-Hour is you can take virtually anywhere you go. That can’t be said for coffee or the numerous brands of energy drinks like those above.

Another characteristic freeing 5-Hour Energy from the rest of the pack is again, its size. The consumer, whether in the office, exercising or out at play, does not want to have to worry about time consuming and bothersome bathroom breaks, for example. This complication can be equally common with the other brands of regular can-size energy drinks. Once the infamously inevitable “crash” hits, as noted throughout 5 Hour’s advertisements, what can the individual do but go back for another cup or can when more work needs to be done?

Here is the beauty of 5-Hour Energy Shot: it is only 2 ounces and lasts 5 hours. Therefore, the consumer will know what he or she needs and how long it will last. No longer will the user have the worry of crashing before the job is done or being “hopped” up on caffeine when turning out the light for the night with, for example, the big presentation needing to be aced the following day.

Along with size, another winning characteristic of 5-Hour Energy Shot when compared with the competition is its low calorie content and it containing zero sugar. With weight problem being an ever growing problem worldwide and largely increasing in the United States, this aspect could not be welcomed better. The other brands of energy drink are filled with gobs of sugar and caffeine, amid other negative components, as seen below.

Extra Strength
Energy Drink
Serving Size 2oz 2oz 2oz 8oz
Calories 4 4 4 100
Sugar 0 0 0 27g
Carbohydrates 0 0 0 27g
Sodium 18mg 18mg 18mg 180mg
Niacin (Vitamin B3) 30mg 40mg 0mg 20mg
Vitamin B6 40mg 40mg 40mg 2mg
Folic Acid (Vitamin B9) 400mcg 400mcg 400mcg 0mg
Vitamin B12 500mcg 500mcg 500mcg 6mcg
Energy Blend 1870mg 2000mg 2106mg 2500mg*
Herbal Stimulants No No No Yes
Caffeine Yes Yes Yes Yes

Here is one of the more common commercials promoting 5-Hour Energy Shot in comparison to its contemporaries:

This advertisement, along with many others, shows a before and after depiction of what consuming regular energy drinks can do. The can may look flashy, it may be cheap, and may taste like candy but the consequences speak for themselves. The calories, sugar, and sodium among other unwanted additives does not belong in a consumer’s everyday diet.

To the left is one of the prime examples of 5 Hour consumers who, with the help of the “shot,”     have gone onto to praise 5 Hour for its high quality and reliability. This can’t be said for the individual found in the 5-Hour advertisement above.

Here is one of the varieties offered to consumers. The original 5-Hour Energy.

Aside from the obvious point seen in the name 5-Hour Energy, which allows the buyer to see what he or she is getting into, the bottle display also shows many of the other characteristics, some of which were discussed above.

The image shown on the bottle gives off a solid representation of what 5-Hour is:

The colors on the upper portion of the bottle are commonly associated with what many users will do after taking this energy source: have energy! Red and yellow have that “fire” representation and the bottle also states that the consumer will “feel it in minutes,” so the much needed rush will not delay in putting you in a similar situation as the silhouette seen on the bottle portraying an individual running up a cliff amid a scene resembling a sun setting on a rough sea, which after consuming this energy boost can be conquered!

Imagery is half the battle in attracting the buyer’s eye, and the color usage and the illustrations depicted will not impede a curious glance from a potential buyer. This aspect put alongside the other positives of 5-Hour Energy allows this product to raise the bar and stand apart from competition.


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