Infomercial seen as more of a joke then an actual product.


Earlier this year fans of Ellen DeGeneres, and just recently Saturday Night Live have seen the parody’s of the new Shake Weight  infomercial. As shown below,

(Ellen video parody)

(Snl video parody)

While the two videos are funny in the sense of this infomercial being seen as a  big joke it raises the question in why the beginning of the video states “specifically designed for women” as opposed to just being for everyone.

(the complete infomercial)

The shake weight  is also accessible for men, but that is not seen as their main audience being that on the website it only states on the bottom of the page “get shake weight for men” after the rest of the site is filled with the women’s shake weight commercial and pictures of women using the product.

[] (Shake weight website)

Not only does it stress that the product is “designed specifically for women” in the first few seconds of the video, but it also is stated yet again bold on the website.

The video then states that women will “go from giggly flabby and saggy to the firm, tight toned sexy arms you want”  this raises the question on how the people who created the infomercial know that every women wants to have sexy, toned arms. Instead of the infomercial stating that you could get sexy arms if you choose it is not allowing another option. I can assume this is meant for the group of women that are concerned about their upper arms being sexy and toned, but it could lose customers in the sense that they would rather not  have tone arms that in some sense could make them look more mainly.

I also would like to know what evidence there is that the product is “designed specifically for women” because I could easily make a product and state the same thing. Like other infomercials/commercials the shake weight should spend less time finding women to have in their infomercial and more time showing the facts of their accusation.

For example,

(Sham wow infomercial)

This video shows not only a before and after with using other products such as paper towels, but it also shows examples of how to use the product. In the shake weight commercial it gives no evidence that the women using the product have benefited from it, but rather shows them dancing at the end. It also does not set itself apart from any other products such as just a free weight in that it does not prove how it is any different.

As an audience member, and a women of this infomercial it is seen as more of a joke then an actual product in that I would prefer watch parodies on SNL, and other popular networks then buy a product that could with no evidence make my upper arms toned and sexy.


One Response to “Infomercial seen as more of a joke then an actual product.”

  1. Doug Lance Says:

    Hey! I have a shake weight, ok. and I use it everyday so dont bad mouth my shakeweight.

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