How A Website Creates Chanel


In fashion there are many brands that assert to differentiate themselves from all the rest.  I feel like the Chanel brand itself is one of the leaders in originality. It creates a symbolic look.The unique sense of style that is instantly associated with each brand creates an image for whoever wears the brand.  A lot of designers began to add logo’s to their brands even  before 1880’s.  I chose Chanel because of it’s classic look. It’s black and white logo symbolize a whole lifestyle to many fashionistas.
Chanel's elements
Chanel introduced her brand in the 1920s without her logo. Then in the 1930’s she began to introduce her logo. Her layered C. Her logo is simple, however it creates a very classic and uniform look. This black and white logo is often seen on their t-shirts, purses, socks, and miscellaneous other designer goods.

On Chanel’s website ( it asserts these assumptions. It’s logo gives it a look of simplisticy, just black and white and double c’s. The store creates a look of uniform with the matching Chanel on each of the banners . The flash and multimedia elements helps compliment the website with the swirl stairs. The art noveau stairs and flowy architecture create this image of simplicity and elegance. Each image are just overall flattering. his website is amongst the best to help create the brand.

It creates this brand and dream of this. If you walk in public and see the black and white, it is considered very formal. These elements are what Chanel tries to play up.

Chanel is furthermore incorporated with a sense of class and elegance that other brands can barely compare to.  They have a look of which their wearers are bound to wear and how they are supposed to look.  When celebrities wear them, they generally go for the very classic black and white look.

As shown in the picture is Nicole Kidman, the face of Chanel from 2009.  Nicole Kidman is shown in a very classic pose showing off her Chanel dress. Her hair done very simply. This is the repetition look of Chanel, the posing, the small structure of Nicole. This is is what it is like to be the double “C” in Chanel. It is asserted all throughout the website of Chanel.
Nicole Kidman
In this assertion of the Chanel logo and how it relates as whole is that an image (or the colors) and everything incorporated into a lifestyle. It shows that a lot of multimedia events can take place and even give life to a brand. Being a fashion design major, I wanted to incorporate it to relate to my major and future profession. The way colors coordinate and overall create the brand.


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