Get a Mac: Mac vs PC


Through the past few years Apple has come out with a series of television advertisements promoting the new releases of the Mac Book, unsurprisingly termed “Get a Mac,” while being able to simultaneously portray their competition PC in many negative ways.

The appearance of both persons shows the distinction of representation seen between Mac and PC. Mac is portrayed as a young, trendy version associating their product with all that is new, sophisticated and cosmopolitan. Contrarily, PC is seen as a middle-aged man who seems out of place unless found in the office or work meeting. Numerous times throughout these commercials, PC is labeled as a “workaholic” and openly states a preference towards paperwork and spread sheets instead of many of the more creative and imaginative programs found on Mac.

As seen above, which is more appealing: the uptight businessman or the calm, casual, and collected Mac? The answer is obvious.

Throughout these advertisements PC is nearly always attired in a suit, usually comprised of neutral, trite colors while the identity of the “Mac guy” goes through many different varieties of wardrobe and even other various alterations such as a fashionable goatee or different hair style. In these displays of contrast, Mac even goes so far as to pin PC up against model Gisele Bundchen along with the similarly stylish spokesperson or “Mac guy” Justin Long, another common name among media as a successful actor.

In this stab at PC, Mac is sided with another display of their superiority over PC, while the latter is teamed up with a harry man dressed in the same scanty sundress as Miss Bundchen.

Aside from appearance, PC still cannot overpower the inexhaustible and always innovative components of Mac.

Numerous times, PC himself and other times subtlety throughout the advertisement, the flaws of PC are set against the infinite possibilities of Mac. For example, “I Life,” the grouping of fun and as stated throughout the advertisements, “creative” programs found on Mac are included in each Macbook and require no further purchase or installation. “iLife” includes iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand, iWeb, and iDVD: “All in iLife. All on every new Mac.” These programs provide a variety of entertainment possibilities and tools for the buyer, and because they come with each purchased MacBook, there is no buyers remorse.

It is seen that Mac differs completely in format and appearance from the competitors, allowing Apple to portray their product in the highest light while pointing out each and every flaw of their competitors and humiliating their image of PC, who frequently is belittled to an image seemingly undesirable to consumers.

Images such as:

Thus, while being informed of all the benefits found on a MacBook thrust against all the negative qualities of the opponent PC, the viewer can also laugh at the childish antics and numerous defeats of the comical depiction of PC.

Interested in viewing these hilarious advertisments? Click below.


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