FedEx Express ads: Undoubtedly clever.


FedEx Express created a line of ads that shows a picture that insinuates instantaneous shipping, which is something that most people wishing to ship packages would want. Each picture shows one person putting an object in the top of the box, and another person’s hands grasping the other half of the object through the bottom of the box. With the use of these clever pictures that give the visual of “hands to hands,” FedEx Express surely takes the cake in shipping advertisements.

This first picture shows an older person’s hands handing a robot toy to a younger child’s hands. The picture gets the point across clearly that FedEx Express is advertising its truly “express” shipping. The box appears open on both the top and the bottom, yet the way that the bottom flaps of the box are open, the box appears to be sitting on a glass table. This is just one of the photography tricks used in order to give the cardboard box a wide-open appearance.

This next advertisement shows two people handing a piece of pottery through the FedEx Express box. Something that is very noticeable about one or all of these ads is the fact that the box that is shown for the ad tends to be much smaller than the object that is being shipped. Another feature used in each ad is the plainly colored background, which is not boring, but it takes the attention off of the background and places it on the true advertisement in the foreground of the photographs.

This ad shows a trumpet being handed through the shipping box. All of these ads could be shipping through family or these ads could suggest online shopping. Either way, FedEx clearly represents the safety of their shipping, suggesting that Express shipping goes from hands to hands, with no stops in between. These FedEx Express advertisements are, without a doubt, extremely clever, and this is accomplished through their simplicity. If a shopper or shipper wants their shipment received or sent quickly, safely, and efficiently, these advertisements would ensure that this person use FedEx Express as their choice in shipping.


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