And on the third day… I really just want to dance!


Not your average cliche commercial.

This commercial is humorous.  It is funny because it pokes fun at the normal tampon advertisement.  This ad takes the not-so-necessary pieces of past tampon commercials and uses satire to question whether or not these past asvertisements are effective.

Khloe Kardashian has recently signed on to promote the new U by Kotex Real Talk campaign.  Khloe and Kotex want women to stop using made up words like, “va-jay-jay,” and to start taking charge of their bodies and owning their femininity.  The product promotes that all women should be proud of who they are and to listen to the needs of thier body by using a product that is unique to you.

Historically, tampon commercials use unlikely scenarios to promote the product.  However, this commercial from U by Kotex plays into the uselessness of such advertisements.  Is it necessary to prove that tampons work by placing every spokesperson in white spandex?  Does it persuade someone to buy your product by advertising a woman twirling in slow motion on the beach? 


A Tampax advertisement displays a ballerina dressed in white.

What does this ad from Tampax have to do with a tampon’s dependability?  I would argue that not many women in the United states are professional ballerinas and therefore they do not have the ability to relate to this ineffective ad.

The main idea that U by Kotex is trying to get across is the need for women to relate to the product.  By using humor to sell their tampons, Kotex is inviting all women to poke fun at historical, pointless tampon commercials.  The hip, young woman in the commercial is targeting a young generation of females and wants them to engage in the pride of being a woman.  Even the packaging of this new product is meant for a new generation.

The Tampax box on the left is using a popular marketing strategy of using three core colors on their box.  Although this is a useful strategy, the box is boring and uneventful.

However, the U by Kotex box is colorful and uses bright colors which are geared more toward young women. 

The “U” branding name is also something that stands to empower women.  The idea of using a feminie product that fits YOU, is one that helps women to feel as though they can play a part in  their own purchases and uses.

The U by Kotex commercial is funny and relateable.  Women can find an interest in this new and refreching product.  The product is more than a product, it is a movement and that is something that enables all women to find interest in the U by Kotex new line of feminie products.


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