Sex Sells… an Apple Walnut Chicken Salad?


Sex Sells

Kim Kardashian is a well-known business women, fashionista, and celebrity debutant.  But what is she most well-known for? If you have ever seen her, you would know that Kim’s not BEHIND in the looks department.  She comes from an Armenian heritage and has a dark and exotic appearance and was recently placed on the Maxim Hot 100 list for 2009.  Boldly beautiful, Kim is a marketing machine.  Her work in the Carl’s Jr. Advertisement listed below is one to go down in the record books. 

Kim Kardashian is well-known for her backside and her signature booty pose.

So Kim Kardashian is beautiful and slender, but why does her physical appearance sell salads?  Why would Carl’s Jr. strategically use this brunette bombshell in their ad for a salad?  First off, Kim Kardashian has a highly sought after figure.  Her physical appearance is one that has been noticed by magazines, diet supplements, and television shows alike.  Kim Kardashian is even a spokesperson for the Quick Trim diet pill.  In order to be considered a spokesperson of a successful diet pill, one must fit the criteria of slim and slender… Otherwise, who would buy the product?  

Kim and Khloe Kardashian Model their "Hot" bodies for a Quick Trim Advertisement.

By using someone with such an amazing physique, Carl’s Jr. hopes their ad will say to an audience, “buy me, eat me, and look like her!”  Everyone knows one of the best ways to drop a few pounds is to lay off the junk food and eat healthier.  However, since Carl’s Jr. is a fast food restaurant, they also have the healthy and convenient aspect going for them.

Another reason this sexy salad is so scrumptious after seeing this commercial is the manner in which Kim Kardashian is eating the lettuce bite after bite.  First of all, she is eating the salad with her hands.  Who eats salad with their hands?  Using her fingers to bring every bite up toward her mouth draws attention to her lips and suggests more than just the fact that Kim obviously could not find a fork.

Kim Kardashian seductively feeds herself a bite of salad by hand.

Likewise, because the beginning of this shoot was staged in bedroom, one’s mind can tend to lead to what types of things go on inside the bedroom.  More appropriately, the dining room table or kitchen might be easier places to eat a salad.  However, Carl’s Jr. specifically uses the bedroom and bed for the location of this commercial.  Kim is easily able to glide through the room and roll around on the bed in her slightly see-through robe and no questions are asked… because she is in the bedroom.

And last, but not least, who doesn’t want to eat a salad (with your hands) in a bubble bath?  The idea of being, “dirty,” is connected with the same idea of being a bad girl and needing to be, “cleaned.”  All of these are ideas that provide sexual innuendo.  In this LYNX shower gel, we see another example of a sexy woman that is dirty and needs to be cleaned.  Similar to the Carl’s Jr. commercial, LYNX is using a sexy woman to catch the viewers eye and persuade them to purchase their product. 

LYNX body wash uses sexual inuendos to promote their product.

Not only does this advertisement prey on men, but also on women.  The idea of a sexy woman, naked in a bathtub shoving salad in her mouth seductively is most attractive to men.  However, the idea of looking hot and thin like Kim Kardashian by eating a salad from Carl’s Jr. might not look so bad to females.

This commercial uses a beautiful woman to sell their product, a private location to highten the sense of seduction, and the sexual inuendo placed on being, “dirty,” to enhance the desire for the sale.  Kim Kardashian is a beautiful woman, but please ask yourself if this advertisement would have the same effect if she wasn’t in a bedroom, wearing a robe, eating a salad with her fingers, and washing naked in a bubble bath? 


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