Roy.G.Biv & LGBT


Rainbows have been a significant symbol in our society today. However since 1978, the rainbow has been a symbol for gay pride and continues to be across the world.

The rainbow has had many other places in history\mythology far different from the LGBT community. For example,

 In Biblical times the rainbow was sent after the Great Flood as a symbol of a promise sent to humans that God will never send another flood to destroy the earth.(as pictured left)

In Celtic myths, pots of gold can be found at the end of rainbows, but be careful leprechauns guard them!

In a Chinese folktale, there are two star-crossed lovers who must wait until the rainbow appears to be alone together. Hsienpo is the red in the rainbow, and Yingt’ai is the blue.

The rainbow flag has also been used in history by many different cultures to mean, change of times, peace, and acceptance.

To have an association with different aspects of culture and history, it isn’t a wonder why the LGBT community chose this particular flag as their symbol.  Aside from the obvious symbolism of a mixed LGBT community, the colors were designed to symbolize: red (life), orange (healing), yellow (sunlight), green (nature), blue (harmony), and purple/violet (spirit). The LGBT community chose colors that were vibrant and stand out as opposed to pale colors, pastels and black and white. They want to be noticed, they want to get recognized. The LGBT community has also had many different “wars” against them by those who feel homosexuality is wrong. However through it all, the LGBT community has been peaceful and doscile in their efforts of acceptace. Rainbows are just as harmless, when a person sees a rainbow in the sky their perception of it is immediately calming and awe struck. Instead of other symbols that might seem agressive or offensive to others, such as two men kissing, blood red symbols or the middle finger.

With rainbows being associated with peace, diversity, life, change, love all of which the LGBT community wants to be associated with as well. The colors of the LGBT flag are very vibrant and with the growing public display of rainbow colored icons, the rainbow is now undoubtedly a symbol of Gay Pride.


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