Pure Imagination


“We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams.”

Remember that? Remember schnozzberries and a chocolate river? Well if you don’t, shame on you, but it’s from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. This movie is associated with childhood; mountains of candy, the funny orange men known as oompa loompa’s and finding the golden ticket that all bring us back to simpler times.

AT&T has a new commercial out that draws on this childhood innocence that immediately caught my attention the second I heard it.

The first thing you are introduced to is ‘Pure Imagination’, the song sung in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory when they’re all entering the creative room with the famous chocolate river.

Like I said, immediately I was drawn to whatever this commercial was selling because I identify with this song, obviously the marketing ploy AT&T was going for. While background music usually is just that, background music, ‘Pure Imagination’ offers a front seat role in this commercial when it comes to grabbing attention and reminding people of their childhood and more specifically their 5th birthday.

Visually the commercial is a snapshot of everyday life and the business of a busy city with one obvious difference. There are paper monsters, things that look like pop tarts, and rockets populating the city. This too brings our childhood back to the doodles we did and the imagination we had bursting out seemingly at every pore.

So even before we know what this commercial is selling we become invested in the advertisement because of the connections it made to our childhood which is dear to most people.

The first speaking we hear  in the commercial asks the audience a question: “Remember when you were five and anything was possible? Happy 5th birthday”.

This sparks more thoughts of your childhood, even if you can’t remember your fifth birthday you can remember the age and how easy it was. Everything was possible when we were five, and now thanks to this new iPad that AT&T will introduce in a 3G version it doesn’t matter how old you are because anything is possible again like when you were five.

So the marketing ploys AT&T used to grab attention to something that obviously doesn’t have attention grabbing qualities to it yet was ingenious, and to use something as simple as childhood to spark a interest in something was highly imaginative, mainly because when Willy Wonka came out, and when we were growing up this technology was nonexistent so molding childhood and technology is remarkable on its own.

In a time when children are growing up in sync with technology the last hurdle it seems is getting the older generations childhoods to match the technology we have today. This ad successfully merges the thoughts of our childhoods with a new technology that is targeted to the older markets, because they’re the ones who have the money to buy an iPad, so what better way to target a group then to use certain aspects of their past that will go over the heads of younger generations?

Today, kids remember the Willy Wonka as played by Johnny Depp, not Gene Wilder. Which proves even farther AT&T was targeting older generations instead of the younger ones. Because even if the iPad reaches the hands of the younger ones, their parents are the ones who are going to buy it.

See the original ‘Pure Imagination’ below.


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