“I <3 LC"


This is the brand for Lens Crafters Eye Store.  It is a simple but clever brand and logo that makes someone look at it twice which is exactly what businessmen want when creating a brand.

Lens Crafters uses three images to create a sentence and a certain feeling in prospective customers. The sentence is of course “I love Lens Crafters” but there is more going on in this brand then meets the eye at the initial glance.

The eye stands for “I” but is also Lens Crafters reason for being in business in the first place. The main color, or most used color is blue which has been proven in studies to be a calming color. This could calm people subconsciously who are uncomfortable going to an eye doctor.


Scroll down past the color red descriptions to read the effects the color blue can have on people.

The double meaning for the eye leads to a double meaning for the subject of the sentences as well. Eyes love Lens Crafters and I, me as a person, love Lens Crafters. It is a intelligent but simple quip to catch the eye.

The heart is simpler and doesn’t have a very obvious hidden meaning. We have been conditioned to using a heart to stand for like, love, affection for things either inanimate or people. Many many organizations, people, groups, etc have taken advantage of this fad and used it in their advertising. It even caught on to an almost cult level for some paraphernalia in certain vampire movies…

Lens Crafters is no different. The red heart equals the word “love” and possibly a healthy life for your eyes.

Lastly you have the “LC” that stands for Lens Crafters. Perhaps they decided to shorten it to two letters to keep the balance of the brand to three images. After a commercial that has the business name said a few times throughout, flashing this brand with only LC to stand for Lens Crafters suffices for recognition. It is in a grey that is subtle and not over demanding. In the brand it is possibly the most important because it names the business but it is the most understated. It does however keep the brand clean and uninvolved.

Finally, while we read left to right, if one was to read this picture sequence the other way it is functional as well. Lens Crafter hearts eyes. Which is hopefully true since their main job is to take care of eyes and they should be passionate about eyes.

So what does this brand do for Lens Crafter? It is creative and not something you see everyday from other businesses and more specifically from other eye glass/care stores. This “Eye/I love LC” is a brand that shoes that Lens Crafter’s cares for your eyes as much as you do and therefore is a good business to go to for your eye care.

While other eye care providers right now are advertising their deals and discounts to entice a buyer in these tough economic times, Lens Crafter’s is showing that they care about your eyes and will take care of you and what you love to see.


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