Beauty Image?


The Dove Campaign

This video begins by showing the viewer a young, innocent girl.  After a few seconds, the music is heightened and we are taken on a journey of advertisements and commercials.  These commercials exemplify the beauty problem that is facing our young women today.  Instead of making all women feel beautiful and full of worth, these ads make women see their imperfections.  Advertisements that make women feel as though there is something that needs to be fixed.  The main idea behind this video that strikes me most is the idea of weight.  Dove is trying to let young women know that regardless of your weight, you’re a still beautiful. 

When a woman watches television, commercials are shown every few minutes that are comparable to some of the advertisements in this video.  Many of these ads show women dressed in very little clothing.  However, it is not often that we see large women in a minimal amount of clothes.  What this says to women is that if you are not a certain size or weight, that you are not capable of advertising clothes properly.  Instead, we see advertisements of skinny and voluptous women. (see Victoria’s Secret swimsuit advertisement below)

Victoria's Secret Swim Suit 2010

2010 Victoria's Secret Swimsuit Advertisement

As the video progresses, we see a vast array of these types of shots in a matter of moments.  However, if we were to be standing in the middle of time square, all one would need to do is turn around and they might see something similar to what is shown in the first few seconds of this video.  The bikinis make women think the model’s figure is perfect; perfect enough to be highlighted on a billboard selling an item of clothing.  These billboards rarely use average-sized women with realistic figures… and if they do, they are doing it on purpose to try and serve a purpose other than selling an item.  Using a model to sell an item is not unheard of.  In fact, it is done every day for various reasons.  Dove in fact, is using a model as well.  However, the difference between Dove and Victoria’s Secret, is that Dove is trying to relate to ALL women and ALL shapes and sizes.  Victoria’s Secret however, rarely uses larger models in their ads and they have only thin Victoria’s Secret Angels.  The pressure from their ads are intimidating and full of pressure whereas the Dove ad lets women know they can be beautiful in their own skin… regardless of shape or size.

The issue of weight is then address in this video according to dietary supplements.    The many commercials that claim their product, “really works,” or that it will make you, “firmer, thinner, tighter,” further embeds the idea that being thin is ideal.  Dove tries hard to prove this is not necessarily the case.  This video makes the idea of weight loss pills seem almost ridiculous as it shows a young woman on a scale quickly going through what is known as a yo-yo diet.  All of the ads shown in this video depict the images of women as supreme and standard.  However, what really is standard?

According to the CDC, Center for Disease Control and Prevention,, the average weight for an adult woman who is five feet, eight inches tall, is between 122 to 164 pounds.  However, many of the women who model for a profession, are considered on the verge of underweight if not completely underweight.  Is this healthy for our younger generations to see?  Recently on the hit TV show, America’s Next Top Model, Whitney Thompson, was named the first plus-sized winner.  Thompson is a size 10. (  Does this look like plus size to you?

Whitney Thompson

Whitney Thompson, first "Plus size" winner of the CW's, "America's Next Top Model"

As this video comes to a close, we see a group of young girls on their way to school and a caption is flashed on the screen.  “Talk to your daughter before the beauty industry does.”  This idea is trying to let adults know that they need to work hard at making their children feel good about themselves.  It is easy to get wrapped up in the societal expectations and become hard on yourself for not being what others believe you should be.  The Dove Campaign for Real Beauty wants parents to let their daughters know that they don’t need to meet anyone’s expectations but their own and to feel good about themselves under all circumstances regardless of weight.


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