Practice Safe Breath


This commercial makes a comical play on an awkward situation most of us sexually active have been privy to, asking for, needing, or buying condoms. Only instead of having a condom and practicing safe sex, Dentyne has taken a step back and wants you to practice safe breath. See the pun?

It shows three different situations, all situations that you would expect the production of a condom to be the end result. The backseat of a car, the convenient store and awkwardness of buying said product, and the asking the roommate to help you when you bring a new girl home. However, each situation offers a twist. Instead of safe sex, these people are just looking for some fresh breath for what we can assume is some heavy duty making out.

Dentyne transfers the awkwardness of buying condoms to the gum, which makes it even more ironic considering buying gum is not embarrassing at all. Dentyne does this to create a lighthearted take on an awkward situation and yet make it seem that breath is a seriousness matter to need protection, and that they’re the ones to help.

This double entendre continues with the need for the gum and is again paralleled to the need for a condom. Both a condom and this gum you are expected, as a man, to have it if you expect to get anywhere. Both are awkward to buy, and this advertisement doesn’t promote the feeling or taste of using the product, much like more traditional condom commercials, just the necessity of it to get to a certain desired outcome.

In each situation it is the man who is taking care of the “protection”, which takes the same stance many condom commercials do; like this one:

So if you’re a guy watching this commercial you could essentially end up associating this gum with protection and the possibility of getting laid, which means you might be more likely to buy Dentyne gum; versus any other kind of gum when it comes to making a good impression with a girl, or during everyday life.

The women in the commercials offer a subtle role as well though. Would men buy the product, either gum or condom, if women didn’t expect or require them to? In the case of the Dentyne Ice commercial it is the woman in the car to ask if he had the gum so they could practice safe breath, and it is assumed in the other two scenarios that without the imminent opportunity of ‘getting some’ and the woman’s insistence, there would be no production of the desired product, condom or gum.

Finally, the last thing we’re given is the motto of the commercial.

“Icy cool intensity so you’re prepared no matter how close you get. Dentyne Ice, practice safe breath.”

Even the motto promotes sex and the comparison of gum and condoms. Be prepared, be safe, and this gum will help you do it.


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