The Geico Gecko


This quote is well known throughout the TV, print, radio and Internet world to be the famous saying of the Geico gecko. This catchy phrase and of course the famous face of the gecko have given this company the advertising edge. According to , “the Geico gecko, the most uncommon of creatures, is uniquely adapted to help people save money on car insurance.”

But what is behind the gecko, why is his face and voice so catchy to the public?

First, is the smile the gecko constantly has on his face. It isn’t a big cheesy smile, nor is it a fake smile, his smile is a friendly, understanding smile that you would see coming from a mother, nurse or other nurturing roles. The smile alone is enough to make insurance seekers trust him and feel less anxious about his insurance company. Smiles are welcoming and reassuring which in turn offers these attributes to their potential customers and their buying habits

For example, the mother smile to the left or the cheesy salesman smile to the right?

Which makes you more comfortable?


(This web article offers more insight on what is in a smile)

His voice also adds to customer’s feelings about buying insurance from Geico. Car Insurance can make people uneasy and agitated because of all the money that is involved and the hoops that buyers have to jump through to get car insurance. A calming voice makes the whole situation easier and a little less stressful which will keep customers interested in their insurance. He also has a slight British accent that also keeps customers comfortable. A British accent is associated with sophistication and intelligence which will put Geico’s potential buyers at ease.

In this particular picture the gecko is also placing a comforting protective hand over the Geico sign. This shows his affection and pride in this company and that he fully associates himself with their product. The Geico sign is his special product that he is willing to share with customers if they trust him. When people want to claim something or put in with their association they often touch it or guard it in some way, hence what the gecko is doing to the sign. There is a close association with the Geico sign and the gecko which makes customers believe that they go together which takes the attributes from the gecko and give them to Geico.

Geico needs a mascot like the gecko which is non threatening, friendly and trustworthy. His even temperament, calm smile and unique voice are all ingredients to having customers buy Geico’s car insurance. The gecko is the perfect example of this mascot and Geico has used this to their full advantage. According to, Geckos are small to average sized lizards found in warm climates throughout the world. Geckos are unique among lizards in their vocalizations, making chirping sounds in social interactions with other geckos.” 

Geico spent a lot of time editing their little friend to make him seem more approachable and friendly as I described above. If left alone he would look like the creepy picture to the left. He is not sophisticated yet fun looking and would definitely scare off customers.

The gecko’s company fully supports his advocating for Geico with these words: “His constant good cheer, insatiable need to meet people, and natural tenacity all make him perfectly suited to help people find outstanding values on insurance.” (

Get The Real Scoop about the life of the GEICO Gecko. Watch the video biography of the world’s most beloved advertising icon.

A Word from Our Sponsor Gecko-mania Sweeps Country

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