Welcome to the ENGL4620 Rhetorical Analysis blog!  This blog will serve as a showcase for student analysis of the various highly rhetorical artifacts that surround us.  It is our sincere hope that these posts will encourage readers to think carefully about the ways in which things are said, and be less passive about how they receive information.  Please feel free to enjoy these posts, and add your own comments to the discussion.  Be sure to check back frequently, as updates will be ongoing.


14 Responses to “Welcome!”

  1. Doug Lance Says:

    Doug Lance

    I want to learn new skills for my career in writing.

  2. elijahbutton Says:

    Eli Button

    One thing that I would like to accomplish in this class would be learning to write more effectively and also I am interested in creating the website. I want to see my writing improve and also I hope to see some sort of ability to understand the website creation on my part.

  3. svikis88 Says:

    Andis Svikis- I am eager to learn how to do some basic web page building and incorporate into that my joy of writing and being creative.

  4. sjones23 Says:

    Sasha Williams

    I am very eager to learn as much as possible throughout this class. I have hopes of learning how to create my own personal webpage that can be used as a professional resume builder. I am very excited for this class to come underway.

  5. secorcoran Says:

    Shannon Corcoran

    I am eager to see the new direction that writing and its components are heading. By creating a website and having experience with the advancement of technology and english, I hope to gain knowledge that will help me in the future with my career in Secondary Education;English.

  6. katthoms Says:

    Kat Thoms

    I am actually really excited for building the website. I have always been interested in blogging and creating websites, but never had the chance to master this skill. Also what we were talking about in class on Monday with essays and digital stuff was interesting. I am just excited over all. 🙂

  7. s6sterr Says:

    Sean Sterr

    I’m looking forward to improving my writing ability overall, more so as you had mentioned on Monday in regards to time management. Also, to become more familiarized with web page development as it will inevitably come in handy in the classroom and workplace.

  8. lindsey94 Says:

    Lindsey Block

    I am looking forward to creating a website, especially because I will be self-employed as a freelance musician and teacher beginning this summer and will need a base for potential jobs. I am also interested in learning to tailor my writing to a digital medium.

  9. wmu2013 Says:

    Alyssa Longhurst

    I am really looking forward to learning about the digital world and being able to create a website. This can help me later on in life if i need to create a website for my own use or business if I ever own one. I also am ready to excel in my ability to do more harder but positive things to put obstacles in my life that I can work hard at to succeed

  10. parfets Says:

    Sarah Parfet

    Not only am I looking forward to making observations outside the box, but also I am eager to discover a new style of writing for myself. Even though I have made a website before using dreamweaver, I am anxious to relearn certain skills I may have forgotten. This is definitely a class I am looking forward to the most during my last semester here at WMU!

  11. klynn2 Says:

    Katie Lynn

    I am looking forward to creating a website, because not only will it be a valuable experience in the class, but I will be able to tell upcoming employers to check my website out. It will especially be helpful, because being a journalism major a lot more potential employers would be interested in how well I can write online things compared to on paper.

  12. britnieghg Says:

    Brittany Grant

    My goal for this class is to learn about making web pages and I look forward to doing a web page proposal

  13. katepanick Says:

    Kate Panick (2nd try)

    This is me checking in, signing in, making my mark on the blog. For a possible website idea for myself, I am interested in creating something that will function as a possible online resume of all the things I have done and written so when I graduate there will be a online site where potential employers can see everything I’ve written instead of just a few select things in my resume, (I’m a journalism major, I write a lot).

  14. jcorn6904 Says:

    Jessica Cornelius

    Also, I would like to learn more about writing this semester. I’m studying to become a Secondary Education English teacher and I’d like to perfect my writing skills in order to be a better teacher.

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